The service proposal that VPT S.A. offers its customers is realized through the VigilantOne™ suite of technological solutions. This suite of solutions has three lines of business which are: Voice Interfaces, electronic channel Customer Experience Measurement, and Tools for Management Control.

Our Product


The clients who prefer us are generally administrators, leaders, and decision makers in processes related to electronic channels. Since the risks of these processes cut across the productive and strategic processes of their organizations, our clients look not just for technological solutions based on the market's own standards, but also look for solutions that add value, measuring, optimizing for continuous improvement, and controlling management, to mitigate the risks inherent in their processes.

VigilantOne™ is a multiplatform set of IT solutions which has tools for optimization, design, development, and management control in:

  • - Voice interfaces
  • - Electronic channel customer experience measurement
  • - Tools for management control

Voice Interfaces

The voice interfaces module is a set of technological solutions designed for the optimization of VigilantOne™ voice, processes, and technologies for IVR, voice biometrics, recorders, and dialers.


Technology that optimizes the use of call and contact center platforms and, in general, any remote operation platform. It is based on experience designing and implementing IVRs, either with traditional interaction by DTMF tones, via ASR (automatic speech recognition) dialogues, or by voice transcription.

Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics is a system that allows you to validate the identity of the person on the other side of a phone conversation. Since it is a biometric test, this validation reaches almost absolute levels of certainty.


With VPT's recorders, it is possible to record, save, and archive any telephone transaction, thus improving the quality of service and customer experience as well as verifying transactions, resolving disputes between customers and company, and detecting recurring problems in transactions made by your agents in a simple way.


The calls which autodialers send can play real pre-recorded or synthesized (TTS) voice messages, and may contain background music or sound effects to make them stand out more (ideal for telephone marketing). It is also possible to direct answered calls to a call center executive.

Voice Interfaces
Electronic Channel Customer Experience Measurement

Electronic Channel Customer Experience Measurement

The set of tools generated by VigilantOne™’s solution for measuring experience in remote electronic channels, called e-CEM™, is a system that allows one to measure and monitor automatically network, communications, and Internet services, as well as applications which are present in organizations. It is an automated technology solution that will give your organization the peace of mind that its systems will always be available, continuously providing and improving the experience your end customers need in their electronic channels.

With e-CEM tools it is possible to emulate a web user or a telephone user and navigate from the public side to interacting with your organization’s own systems, thus allowing you to measure the usability experience in remote electronic channels in your organization.

Tools For Management Control

VigilantOne™’s management control is a set of tools necessary for controlling your organization’s key proces¬ses. These technological tools include:

Real-time notification, by means of e-mail and/or telephone to those responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed regarding exceptions and failures of tasks and/or activities of the project.

A balanced scorecard, resulting from construction of a dashboard with a financial perspective, of customers, of internal processes, and of growth and learning.

Automation of reports, with a financial perspective, of customers, of internal processes, and of growth and learning.

Develop, assimilate and apply scientific and technological know-ledge, to deliver engineering solutions to all organizations that use communication technologies for their customers, networks, or communication links, contributing value added to the organiza¬tion’s products and services.

Management Control

About Us


We are a company which is passionate about technology, but only that technology which improves services and with them people’s quality of life. We are an innovative company which internalizes and encourages an entrepreneurial culture. VPT includes people who see the world in different ways. We like to discuss and argue about the ideas which eventually turn into innovative products. We feel we are infecting our customers in Chile, Colombia, and Peru with creativity. With our presence in mining, retail, and the major network operators in Latin America, we are VPT.

Our Misson

VPT S.A. aspires to generate, develop, assimilate, and apply scientific and technical knowledge to provide engineering solutions for all organizations which have technologies for communication with their customers, networks, or communication links, contributing value added to their products and services.

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

To be a company dedicated primary to the R&D of technological solutions, centered on the generation of critical knowledge and skills for the implementation of advanced modern telecommunications technology. We work to realize the benefits that these new technologies offer and support our customers in correctly implementing them.

Our Values

All of those who work at VPT S.A., based on our shared values, do so with Knowledge, Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership, Recognition, Quality, Competitiveness, and Honesty, all with the goal of providing the best possible service to our customers.

Our Values
Our History

Our History

VPT S.A. was founded in 2001 in Santiago, Chile, to satisfy needs in the service of solutions in communications technology for: network monitoring, voice interfaces, design and development of specialized solutions. VPT S.A. began its operations with clients in the communications and telecommunications markets.

In 2002 VPT S.A. introduced its technological solution for software and hardware monitoring, having an innovative system of notification of calls with automatic escalation in case of faults.

In 2002 VPT S.A. also began to integrate its technological solutions into a suite of products called Vigilant One. This suite includes solutions and products such as interactive voice response, telephone dialers, software monitoring, hardware monitoring, end-user experience measurement in digital channels, incident notification to interested parties, and voice recognition systems, among others.

As of today, the company has customers which are repre-sentative of different areas such as health, the financial sector, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing and mining, among others.

The customers we seek are medium-sized and large organizations which support and provide services to a large num-ber of users, be they found among the public or among internal end-users in the organization.

VPT S.A. is presently a leader in the solutions business wherever it is necessary to optimize, design, develop, control, and manage processes and technologies in telecommunications with voice interfaces, measurement of quality of service in electronic channels, and management control.

Our Customers

These are some of the organizations which have chosen us:

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